What is your PersonaliTea?

What is your PersonaliTea?
July 4, 2018 Kuahbocheng

White Tea: If you are one who favours the lightest and most delicate type of tea, white tea is probably your “go-to” tea. You are likely to enjoy an environment of peace and serenity. This is because such an environment helps you to enter a state of mind whereby you can allow your thoughts and creative mind to run freely. You also have an extremely sympathetic personality that tends to care for the people around you. To your family and friends, you are the person they will look for when they need someone to confide in.


Green Tea: The second least oxidized tea leaf is one of the world’s favorite teas and is well known for its calming and soothing effects. Chances are if you are one that likes green tea, you are a down to earth person who at the same time seek for occasional sparks in your life. You may also lead an active lifestyle and continuously rely on green tea to give you that energy boost from time to time. Generally, green tea lovers also have a wide social network of friends and have the ability to make new ones easily. “Friendly”, they say, they are.


Oolong Tea: Do you love drinking oolong? If you do, you are likely to be someone who has a high level of analytical skills and is a perfectionist in everything you do in life. Some also say oolong tea lovers have the most romantic relationships out of all the other tea types. Perhaps, if you are looking for some additional spice in your relationship, you may want to seek out an oolong tea lover too!


Black Tea: If there is one word to describe a person who loves black tea, “Determination” will be the one. Black tea lovers have the highest durability and endurance and are known to be able to burn midnight oils on consecutive nights. They also like to have a day that is fully packed with activities such that there is no room for wasting time. Kudos to these tea lovers for always being so motivated in life!